Understand your
sales in dashboard

You can check all your online sales inside admin dashboard and controll over the insights of reports.

Select how your ecommerce. The Gajcart Way.

Many different ecommerce solutions, designed to make it easy for anyone to sell online. Choose the best solution that fits for you.

Let customers to enhance the
shopping experience

Let your customers shop on the platform they are familiar with and include payment and shipping options to close your sales instantly.

Turn your sales
to improved one

You can share your new website to social media platforms on links.

Greatest features
Simple Checkout Option

Customer can use this website and order the desired products to the cart and complete the checkout page as well.

Track all orders from
website and app in one place

You can now track all your orders from all channels on your gajcart dashboard.

See our customers

Gajcart offers free plan to boost your sales with simple website all business needs website, to get sales and impressive.