Creating your online
ecommerce store
platforms on your brand

Gajcart offers you with the entire ecosystem to sell online.
Create your webstore in minutes with pre-designed templates,
multiple payment and shipping options
commerce and many more features.

All the features you need in one platform

Our intuitive site editor tool allows you to easily set up and customize your store, without any technical, coding or design expertise.

Integrated ecommerce solutions

Enable easy payment gateways for your customers to make order faster.

Exclusive selling platform

List on gajcart, a unique platform to enable discoverability of your store to buyers worldwide.

Beautiful cart & checkout

Gajcart offers well designed and secured checkout and cart page design for your webstore.

Interactive dashboard

Admin dashboard have many intractive features with first class user interface which help you to stay more time inside panel.

Lighter, faster & smoother

256-bit SSL encryption ensures the connection between your customer's browser and your website is secure.

An app-like experience

You can offer thsi system to your customers in your custom domain name and share your social media as well.

Create a great first attraction

Sell jewellery, groceries, food, pottery, electronics, baking skills, photography or anything out of the ordinary. Choose our gajcart to create a webstore for your business.

Make it easier for your customers to pay you

Give your customers a seamless shopping experience by enabling various domestic and international payment options.

Ship your products
anywhere in the city

Gajcart offers to integrate with biggest shipping companies platforms to ship your products or orders.

See our customers

Gajcart offers free plan to boost your sales with simple website all business needs website, to get sales and impressive.